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It’s Easter Sunday and the boys awoke to find their Easter baskets…candy, candy, candy…

Easter Baskets

and pool toys, which is good because…

HGV Waterfall

After a great day in the pool and playing a little catch in the courtyard, we enjoy a nice dinner to round-out the weekend.

Me and Cindy

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It’s the boys’ Springtime Christmas, as they discover toys and candy in their Easter baskets…

Adam thinks the multi-colored eggs are just the neatest thing…

Adam's Easter Eggs

While Alex is mesmerized, hypnotized, or just extremely bored with this spinning light doohickey…

Alex Light

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Today was wet and rainy, which seems to be fast becoming the norm. Still, that didn’t put a damper on the fun we had at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. The boys, dressed in their snappy Easter clothes, joined many of the other neighborhood kids for a story about the meaning of Easter and then enjoyed their very first egg hunt.

They really seemed to like the story: the book was called My Easter Basket: And the True Story of Easter” by Mary Manx Simon, and uses the colors commonly found in an Easter basket to tell Jesus’ story, like the green palm leaves, purple wine, red blood, and brown cave. Anyway, after the story, the kids and parents migrated to the patio for a egg hunt. Our hosts have a huge back yard, but due to the dampness, we were unable to take advantage of it, confining the activity to the porch and patio:

Adam took to “the hunt” right away, and was quickly filling up his basket with Easter eggs…

Adam hunts for Easter Eggs

Alex was not very interested at first, choosing instead to play with a soccer ball, but soon spied an egg perched atop the railing and the hunt was on…

Alex spies an Easter Egg

After the kids filled their baskets (and Adam discovered the eggs were filled with candy!), we moved back into the house for coffee and conversation while the kids played and snacked.

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Earlier this week, we took the boys to Portrait Innovations for their Easter photos. As with most everything involving the boys these days, it was a bit of a challenge, but in the end, the photographer captured Alex and Adam looking their best…

Easter PicsEaster Pics

Easter PicsEaster Pics

This one’s my favorite:

Easter Pics

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Easter Family Photo
Alex and Adam's First Easter

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