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It’s another Disney weekend! We hit the road this afternoon after the boys got out of school (tomorrow, they’ll play hookie). Anyway, we arrived at our hotel on ‘Hotel Row’ at Lake Buena Vista about 6:00 and after leaving the car with the valet and getting settled in our room, we walked across the street to Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney. No rides, but they do have a lot of shops and restaurants. We had a dinner at The Boathouse, a great restaurant on The Landing. The boys enjoyed running around the dock and looking at the floating artwork…a number of unique and one-of-a-kind boats on display.

Of course, nothing at ‘The Spings’ compares to The Lego Store…at least as far as Alex and Adam are concerned…

Hulk at The Lego Store

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We’ve arrived. It’s the boys first visit to Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow–the Epcot Center! Naturally, before we go in, we have to pause for numerous photos to properly document this momentous occasion…

Epcot Epcot

Once we passed through the gate we were evidently too busy to take anymore photos! We did slow down a bit while touring the world showcase. In fact, the boys even too a moment while visiting England to call Nana. The British phone booth begs the question, “What if the chameleon circuit actually worked?”


After leaving Epcot, we stopped by Downtown Disney before returning to the hotel. The boys absolutely LOVE The Lego Store!

Lego Store

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We were up at 5:00 am to get to the airport by 6:30 (for an 8:00 flight). The boys snoozed for the ride into Philly. We checked in curbside for our Southwest flight, and fought our way through security. We were naturally among the first to board the plane. Me and the boys sat together in three seats with mom just behind. It wasn’t long before the plane began to taxi.

Adam really enjoyed the take-off experience, and giggled non-stop for the ride to altitude; Alex, on the other hand, was literally terrified! He scrambled out of the seat belt, jumped into my lap, clamped his arms around my neck, and buried his face in my shoulder. Every so often he’d venture a peek out the window, and squeeze tight as he saw the earth moving further and further away! All the while, Adam is talking and giggling!

After the plane leveled out and the seat belt sign came off, Alex settled down. We spent most of the flight watching Toy Story 2 on my iPad…

Watching the iPad

The landing wasn’t too bad and Alex actually joined in with his brother in giggling (although he did panic just a bit when the wheels hit the tarmac).

After grabbing our luggage, we headed to National for our mini-van rental. Then we were off to the Magic Kingdom…

Welcome to Disney

We stayed at the Shades of Green Resort…

Shades of Green Shades of Green

Checking in Checking in

After checking in and getting settled (diaper changes, juice cups filled, etc.), we headed out to “Downtown Disney” for a late lunch, a little shopping, and some sightseeing. We ate at “T-Rex,” which is a big, brash dinosaur-themed restaurant. It seats more than 620 people, has a couple of dozen life-size robotic dinosaurs, and real fossils encased in the bathroom walls. The boys had chicken strips; I had a beer…

Downtown Disney T-Rex

After lunch, which included roaring dinosaurs and meteor showers every 20-minutes, we walked through the town. The boys really got a kick out of the Toy Story displays at the Lego store…

Lego Buzz Woody and Buzz

We wrapped-up the day about 6:00 pm. They boys had had a l-o-n-g day; they were very tired, which was readily apparent in their behavior. So, we returned to our room at the resort for baths and bed.

Although the bath went off without a hitch, bedtime didn’t sink-in until after 10:00 pm. By that time, mom and dad were beyond exhausted!

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