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It sucks when your bed-time trumps the World Series. Although we cheated a bit this year by stretching the bed-time deadline, A2 wasn’t able to stay-up for last night’s 10-inning Game 7 clencher when the Cubs took home the championship. What makes matters worse is I had to be up early for work, so I wasn’t here to give ’em the results and recap the game. So, here’s the announcement, and we had to catch-up via phone later in the day…

Cubs Win

One of the cool things about THIS series is it gave me an opportunity to introduce the boys to iconic Cubs announcer Harry Carey, who passed in 1998 (sadly, he never saw the Cubs win a World Series). Anyway, I was introduced to Harry in the late 70s, when cable television came to our neighborhood. All Summer long, we’d watch the Cubs on WGN and Harry “Cub Fan-Bud Man” Carey. Although I was never much of a Cubs fan, I always had a special place in my heart for him.

So, given their dad’s reminiscent tales, what did the boys’ think of Harry? I guess Adam summed it up best with…”He’s old”.

Yeah, just like his dad.

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