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Adam zips around the house in his Lightening McQueen racer fueled only by the swiftness of his little feet. Speed isn’t his only attribute, though, as he has become quite adept at whirling around, jumping over, and flying through various obstacles.

Of course, he has a tendency to bite-off a little more than he can chew…

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Of course, one can only be so “bad” riding a Cars 4-Wheeler. You’d think Mater would be a more appropriate 4-Wheeler, but I digress.

Adam and Alex 4-Wheeling

Alex 4-Wheeling

Adam 4-Wheeling

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The boys absolutely love the Disney/Pixar movie, “Cars”…

They’ll sit and watch the entire movie; it’s the only thing they’ll sit still for for any length of time.

Watching Cars

Hey, NASCAR racing starts this week! Wonder what the boys will think of watching real-life “Cars”??

( One can only hope )

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