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Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break for the boys, but it’s back-to-work for me. So, we’re going to make the most of this glorious Sunday afternoon with a family bike ride to Veteran’s Park…

Family Bikers

It’s a nice ride to the park.

Family Bikers Family Bikers

But the ride is only half the fun because…Sno-Cones! and whatever those twirlie-spinnie things are…

Family Bikers Family Bikers

As we head back home, we stop for a moment for one last picture by the pond.

Family Bikers

We got a boat to catch for dinner!

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It’s a great afternoon for a bike ride! I got home a little early today and it was such a beautiful afternoon, that I took the boys out for a spin. Of corse, they’re rolling on wheels and daddy is jogging behind ’em…

Bike Ride

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Eat your heart out Peter Fonda…

Alex is Easy Rider

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