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Today Adam got a real treat! We were at the batting cages for some practice and he got some lessons from from Oakland A’s (minor league) third baseman A.J. Kubala. A.J. is a local boy and he gives back to his community by working with Little Leaguers on their fundamentals. Adam was grinning from ear-to-ear the whole time!

Thanks, A.J.! What a blast!

Batting with A.J. Kubala
Batting with A.J. Kubala
Batting with A.J. Kubala
Batting with A.J. Kubala

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There’s no rain today and Adam’s ready to PLAY BALL!

Batter Up

It was a great game and Adam got his first hit on his first time at bat in “kid pitch” baseball. He also stole his first base and was quite pleased with himself. 🙂

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The weather was very nice today, so nice that the boys and I decided to hit the ball field for some fundamentals. The field was a little damp after a couple days of rain, but not too bad.

Baseball Practice

We worked on fielding mostly, but got in some batting practice, too, and some pitching and catching for Adam. After a nice work-out on the field, we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants: Gator’s Dockside. The food is great and we like to sit outside and watch baseball (or football or racing, etc.) on the big screen TVs.

Gator's Dockside

We had a blast! (as always 🙂 )

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It’s been a great year, but alas, the season has come to a close. Adam was heartbroken it was over and actually shed a tear or two. He loved this team and had the best time in this league. Hell, we all did! Now, it’s the bitter-sweet trophy day. Coach John talked about each player before he presented the trophy, highlighting their strengths and contribution to the team…

Trophy Day Trophy Day

But before we go, let’s take one last look at Adam at the plate. Well done, buddy! We’re very proud of you.

Trophy Day

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Baseball season is in full swing and we’re at the field 2-3 times a week for games and practice. Adam (and his coach) has discovered he’s a pretty darn good catcher, so guess who is suiting-up a couple times a game now? There aren’t too many balls that get past him either. It’s a lot of fun watching Adam rip that mask off when the ball is popped-up behind him. He’s the first kid to actually do that!

Adam playing baseball

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The 2017 Fall Baseball Season starts today and Adam is playing for a new league in Julington Creek…this is Cal Ripkin baseball and he’s playing for the Braves…


and we’re ready to go! HEY-BATTAH-BATTAH!

Braves" Braves"

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wherein we learn that everyone is accountable.

The little league Braves are practicing their fundamentals. The boys are focused and the coach is providing instruction while hitting balls to them in the field. The coach is at the plate and the bat is in his right hand. In his left is the ball and with a flick of the wrist the ball is aloft. In a fluid motion, he grasps the bat with both hands and loads his swing as the ball begins it’s descent. He then launches into the swing, his hands guiding the bat to meet the ball. But the bat fails to make contact and the ball falls to the ground with a soft thud. For a moment the field is silent. Then a heckling voice is heard from left field as Adam yells, “STRIKE ONE!”


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It’s another beautiful summer day in northeast Florida, and we’re heading into the city to watch the Jacksonville Suns play the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. The Suns are the Florida Marlins AA club; I think the Wahoos are affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds. Anyway, here’s a fun Fact: Hall-of-Famer Hank Aaron was once a Jacksonville Brave! He played here in 1953! Adam would’ve been more impressed had it been Jackie Robinson.

I love minor league baseball. The stadium here is great, there’s rarely a crowd, they’re really focused on kids and having a good time.

Adam eats a pretzel Alex's Hat

We have box seats right behind home plate, but there really aren’t any bad seats in this stadium. The boys are ready for the game to begin!

Boys' seats

As you can tell by the red and blue lips, the boys have been enjoying snow cones. My lips don’t have any color, because, well, beer.

Alex and Dad Adam and Dad

The boys’ are up-and-out of their seat as the Sun’s Right-Fielder Moises Sierra connects! Of course, Adam gave his analysis of the play afterward. In fact, everyone had the pleasure of Adam’s nonstop commentary throughout the game. 😉


It was a fun game and the Suns won 1-0. The boys loved the game, but the highlight for Alex we getting to hang-out a bit with Suns mascot, Southpaw!

Alex and Southpaw

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Adam loves baseball. He is always wearing that glove. He sleeps with that glove. What do you think he’s watching? You guessed it! Thank goodness for MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV!!

Baseball Glove

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Cindy is off doing some scrap-booking, so me and the boys head up to Gators Dockside for dinner and to watch a little baseball. We sit outside, which is good, because the boys really got into the game!

Watching baseball with my buddies

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