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wherein I’m running some errands with the boys and Aerosmith’s Walk this Way comes on the radio…

Adam: Hey, I know this song!

Me: You do?

Adam: Yeah, it’s the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Song at Disney World

Me: It sure is.

Adam: I love that song.

Me: I did, too. Before Run DMC ruined it!

Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster

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Album Art

With the advent of CDs in the 90s, LPs quickly found themselves out-of-style. Hell, digital music is doing the same thing to CDs today. Still, there’s something appealing in the cover art of these relics and it seems a waste to relegate them to a box in the closet. So, I pulled-out some of my favorites, put them in a frame, (bought a bigger extension ladder) and viola…

Ladder Album Art

Here’s a closer look at the albums…

Abbey Road Aerosmith Boston
Chicago George Carlin Imagine
Johnny Rivers Live in NYC Neil Diamond Greatest
The Jazz Singer Pink Floyd Sgt Pepper
Steve Martin

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