Today is the boys’ SIXTH birthday…and boy are they proud!

Alex Birthday Adam Birthday

And although they’re twins, they each enjoy their own individual birthday, so as has become a tradition (for Mom), they each get to enjoy their own individual birthday cake. Naturally, the cake is made of cupcakes and shaped into a number representing their achievement in aging…

Birthday Cake

The boys were surprised by a visit from Auntie Diane, Auntie GiGi, and Uncle Bob, who also brought PRESENTS!!

Birthday Party

So, everyone enjoyed their cake! Obviously, Alex enjoyed his more than everyone else…

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Alex and Adam! 🙂

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  1. Adrienne’s avatar

    Looks like they had a great birthday 🙂 Allie and Brock share a birthday also, not as twins, but 2 years apart. On March 11th they will be turning 8 and 6…I don’t know where the time has gone. We love how they ended up having the same birthday 🙂 Brock is funny cuz he has never eaten cake or cookies. Won’t even try that stuff. Not even any chocolate! They had a Chuck E. Cheese party last year and they each picked a cake from there and Brock picked the vanilla cake but didn’t eat any of it. He only likes marshmallows, smarties, sweet tarts sometimes, nerds, and his favorite is Blue Bell vanilla ice cream…only vanilla, ha-ha. Allie will eat pretty much anything and at least she is open to trying things but Brock…he knows exactly what he likes. He’s never, ever tried cheese either and hasn’t had bread since he was about a year old and I would break little pieces of bread for him to eat. The only fruit he will eat is raspberries and those little oranges and that’s it. He will never try bananas or grapes or strawberries even though those are regulars at our house. I think it’s just his personality cuz I don’t know how else to explain it, ha-ha. Kids are funny…

    Hope you guys have a great Christmas.



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