Well, it’s finally here! The opening day! BASEBALL! America’s pastime…and the boys are starting their very first season! The thing I love best about baseball? It’s not SOCCER! 🙂

It appears that I’m the equipment manager, as their bag is almost as big as they are…

Opening Day Opening Day

The boys’ team is the GATORS! (I know, right?) Today, we’re the home team, so the boys take the field. Alex covers first base, while Adam backs him up with his best Snagglepuss-Exit-Stage-Right pose…

Alex on first

After their opponents lineup completes its at-bats, it’s time for the Gators to knock it out of the park (or at least past the little “fair ball” line in front of the batter’s box). Both the boys connected with the ball and landed on first amidst the ensuing chaos that occurs whenever anyone hits the ball!

Alex Runs Adam Runs

It was a great first game and the boys had a great time (especially when they discovered they get a snack)! Okay! Put your hands in! GO GATORS!

Go Gators

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