Looking for a Nanny

Phoebe Figalilly We’ve been looking for a nanny to help Cindy out for a few hours a day. Of course, she’d have to meet the “nanny standard” which is, of course, embodied by the famous Phoebe Figalilly (of T.V.’s Nanny and the Professor [pictured]). With that in mind, we first responded to a nanny’s ad in the neighborhood, arranged a date/time for an interview, but less than two-hours before the interview, she called an canceled. Thinking she probably wasn’t as dependable as we’d like, we took our search elsewhere. We looked at several placement services and settled on the Gulf Coast Nanny Connection. So, we completed the application, paid the deposit and already have a prospective nanny. She looks good on paper and comes with a great recommendation; she’s also an EMT. We’ve scheduled an interview for Monday afternoon.

More to come…


  1. Hannah Lucero’s avatar

    Boy am I glad I didn’t cancel 🙂 What a blessing it was to meet you all and be there to love and learn! xoxo



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