It’s Christmas Morning

…and the boys actually (sorta) slept-in until 7:00. It was Alex up first, as I heard him pouncing on Adam with what an excitement-filled shriek, “Santa Claus came! Santa Claus came!”

So, after getting some coffee brewing, mom and I headed upstairs to find the boys had already been into their stockings. They could barely contain themselves long enough to sit for a quick picture in front of the tree.

Christmas Morning

Then, the wrapping paper literally flew off the presents scattered beneath the tree…

Christmas Morning

The highlight of the morning (for me, anyway) was the look on their faces when they opened the NFL jerseys Santa had left for them…

Christmas Morning Christmas Morning

Later that morning, Adam asked, “If it’s Jesus’ birthday, why do we get presents?” I explained, though I’m not quite sure he understood, that Christmas reminds us of Jesus’ birth. The important thing is to accept Jesus and what He did for us. The presents are like God’s grace, which is a gift to us for our belief in Him. Our faith is our gift to Him.



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