The Day After

The boys’ first hurricane has come and gone…well technically, I guess it’s their THIRD hurricane, as we had to evacuate for Gustav in 2008 (they were still in utero) and we were in Pennsylvania for Irene in 2011. So, this was the first hurricane of which they were AWARE.

Anyway, I inspected the grounds this morning and it’s pretty much what I expected…

The neighbor’s fence is down.

Fence Down

My fence is leaning pretty badly.

Fence Leaning

The pool is FULL of leaves.

Pool Trash

But, HEY, the boys bird feeders made it through unscathed! 🙂

Bird Feeder Bird Feeder

Pretty much the only thing for me (and Pop) to do today was to repair my section of fence and clean the pool. And of course, move everything out of the garage and storage shed that we had stowed-away for the storm.

Fence fix


  1. Adrienne’s avatar

    Wow, so glad you guys didn’t get too much damage!


    1. forwardmemory’s avatar

      Thanks! It really wasn’t too bad. Although if you were watching the news broadcasts, you would’ve thought it was a lot worse.


    2. Sue Hanks’s avatar

      I enjoyed the rundown on the hurricane. As hurricane’s go, this one was no big deal! You don’t remember the ones in Key West, but those were hurricane’s.


    3. Sue Hanks’s avatar

      We enjoyed our visit, but I did not notice the bird houses. The boys did a great job.



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