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Adam and Charlie

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Charlie is SO FLUFFY!


A fact that certainly wouldn’t be lost on Agnes…


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Today, Cindy has her “Big Business Launch” for Rodan and Fields, so what better excuse can there be for the boys and I to take out the boat. This time, we brought Charlie along!

Charlie Underway

This was his first time on the water for Charlie and considering the way he’s always itching to dive into the pool, I was a little concerned that he’d leap over the side at the first opportunity, but he was great…and really seemed to enjoy the water. And the boys loved having him along…

Alex and Charlie Adam and Charlie

We’re were heading up to Jacksonville and stopped for lunch outside the Naval Air Rework Facility at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. My dad actually worked here for a bit after he retired from the Navy.


After lunch, Adam took the wheel for a bit, while Alex and I enjoyed the sunshine.

Adam Drives

Finally, we arrive in Jacksonville. Charlie seems to be having the time of his life!

Charlie in Jax

We took our time coming back, skirting the coastline, and by the time we turned back for the marina, the boys were OUT! And Charlie and I just watched the approaching Marina.


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So, I walk into the hallway and find Adam lying on the floor next to Charlie taking selfies with his iPod…

Adam and Charlie

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…especially when he wants a candy cane!

Christmas Morning


Well, I’ve wrapped-up work for the week, and Cindy and the boys have wrapped-up at the beach. So, where should we go for dinner our last night in Sarasota? Why, the The Beach House on Anna Maria Island…

The Beach House

Finally, Dad got to go! And Mom could unwind in Margaritaville…

Dad and the boys Dad and the boys

There was some live music, too, and the boys got to jam a bit to Neil Diamond and James Taylor tunes…

Live Music

After a really, really great dinner, we took a walk on the beach, and Adam collected a little salt water for a snail he adopted at Siesta Key earlier in the day…

Dad and the boys

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Charlie, looking regal on the plush grass. What’s really happening is Alex picked-up his ball and Charlie perked-up. Just before, he was lying on his side, just soaking-up the sun like the lazy dog he is. Well, “lazy” is a relative term, and what I mean is, “I wish I had his life” 😉


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Charlie LOVES the pool! When the boys start to put on their swimming trunks he’s at the door twitching like a kid in church that has to go to the bathroom! When the gate finally opens, watch out!

Water Dog Water Dog

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Well, we certainly didn’t intend to get a new dog so soon after Molly passed, but this one literally fell into our laps. We encountered a military couple that were looking for a good home for their two-year-old Golden due to an impending PCS and deployment. The boys simply fell in love with him, so how could I say “no”?

Say hello to Charlie…

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We still can’t believe it, but Molly died this week. We’re heartbroken. After a harrowing experience in the animal emergency room that included a period of intubation and defibrillation, she had deteriorated to the point where I made the tough decision to put her down. The final diagnosis was lung abscess resulting from an aspirated tooth. Bizarre.

The boys don’t really grasp what has happened. They understand that Molly is in heaven, but still want to know when she’ll be coming home. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Rest-in-peace, Molly. We miss you.

RIP Molly

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