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Today the boys got a clean bill of health from their dentist. So, to celebrate, we walked across the street to the Moondog Pie House for a New York Style pepperoni pizza!

Ready for Pizza!

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As you know, the boys had tubes placed in their ears a few years ago (twice, actually). After the tubes are placed, there’s nothing else that needs to be done because they simply fall-out as the child grows. Well, it didn’t work that way for Adam! One of the tubes didn’t just fall-out and it now needs to be removed surgically. Although it’s a very minor surgery, listening to Adam, you’d think it was a major operation. It was funny how excited he was about it, but I’m not sure if it was the surgery itself or just the drama of it… 😉


Of course, when it was over, his ear was a little sore and he wasn’t as thrilled about it anymore…


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It was about this time last year and for about three solid weeks that everyone in the family got sick. Alex is just getting over his pink eye and now Adam is feeling pukey…

Adam Sick

Who’s next?

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Pink Eye


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It’s been two days since Hurricane Irma swept through Florida. There are still a number of people in the state without power and a lot of cleaning-up to do in many of areas. With the exception of schools being closed, things are pretty much back to normal here. In fact, we were still able to keep the boys’ dental cleaning appointments…

But forget the fluoride, they just come here for the games…

At the dentist

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After school, Alex had to go for his OT and Speech Therapy. I’m afraid it was just too much for him on the second day of school…

Alex is out!


We still can’t believe it, but Molly died this week. We’re heartbroken. After a harrowing experience in the animal emergency room that included a period of intubation and defibrillation, she had deteriorated to the point where I made the tough decision to put her down. The final diagnosis was lung abscess resulting from an aspirated tooth. Bizarre.

The boys don’t really grasp what has happened. They understand that Molly is in heaven, but still want to know when she’ll be coming home. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Rest-in-peace, Molly. We miss you.

RIP Molly

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Taking Molly to the vet, you’d think she was walking The Green Mile

The Green Mile

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For those of you familiar with Alex screaming trepidation when visiting the dentist, I’d like for you to know that there’s been a break-through! After the last experience, we decided to switch dentists in an effort to find someone with a bit more patience and skill when it comes to treating children (especially those with a genuine fear). I would never allow the use of a papoose board or any other form of restraint, which evidently made it a challenge for our first dentist. We could see that Alex wanted to get his teeth looked at, but just couldn’t overcome his fear. Anyway, our new provider, Weaver and Stratton Pediatric Dentistry achieved what others couldn’t–they understood Alex, and used that understanding to reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

To do this, Dr. Weaver honed-in on Lamby. Without even trying to get Alex into the chair, he invited Lamby to sit there and get his teeth brushed. Alex gave Lamby over to the dentist and the dentist and his assistant proceeded to give Lamby an exam and cleaning. Alex enjoyed the attention that Lamby was getting and when invited to join Lamby on the chair, he jumped right up there. He then received his first dental exam and cleaning. No muss, no fuss!

The following day, we received this note from the dentist (note that it is addressed to both Alex AND Lamby):

The envelope

The Card

The Letter

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Poor Alex! He was doing just great at the pumpkin patch. Then CRASH! He’s complaining about his throat hurting, and the poor little guy is miserable. Cindy feels his head, and he’s burning up, so it’s off to the emergency room! They were originally going to admit him, but the xrays confirmed that he could submit to some at-home monitoring.

Thank goodness!

All-in-all, he was a very good patient…with an assist from the iPad (and a nebulizer)!

Alex Waits Alex on a nubulizer

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