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The boys got a bouncing, spinning, noise-making, and light flashing horse for Christmas…

and they feel just like the Lone Ranger!

(at least they would if they knew who the Lone Ranger was)

Of course, only one could be the Lone Ranger, the other would have to be Tonto!

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Yesterday, Alex and Adam turned “1” … I don’t know what is more amazing, the fact that mom and I survived the first year, or that they did!! The boys had a special treat as their big sister, Jess, and niece other big sister, Kameran, came to share their special day…

There were balloons galore…and naturally, they were personalized…
Happy Birthday BalloonsHappy Birthday Balloons

They each had their own special “1” cake…made from cupcakes.
Birthday Cakes

Special personalized birthday shirts…
Birthday ShirtsBirthday Shirts

Goofy hats…
Alex with goofy hatAdam with goofy hat

Mommy and Kameran helped blow-out blew-out the candles, while the boys wondered what in the world was going on…
Blowing out the birthday candles

Then, they got a piece of cake: “What the heck is that?”
Alex considers his cakeAdam onsiders his cake

In the end, the sugar ruled the day!
Alex sugar rush

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
Adam sugar rush

(of course, a good portion of the cake was used as face paint)

Happy Birthday, Boys!!

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Whenever we go anywhere, Alex will eventually remove one of his shoes. It does no good to put it back on because he’s just going to remove it again. So, I just say “I know” and “thank you” to all the passer-by’s who kindly tell me that he’s lost a shoe.

Shoeless Joe

He looks like such a ragamuffin.

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Alex and Kam

Alex and Adam recently visited their niece (a.k.a. “big sister”), Kameran, to join in the celebration of her 5th birthday! The sweetest little girl in the world took good care of her little uncles and made sure their visit was fun and exciting …

… and what’s more fun and exciting to a little kid than a swing??? 🙂

Adam and Kam

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Get set…


Jumping the Gun

Extremely competitive, Adam tears out of the gate and immediately takes the lead, leaving Alex in the dust (not that Alex really cares).

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Have you seen my “passie”?


I can’t see a thing through all this hair…

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Alex is having fun on the walker…

Alex on the Walker

…of course, he doesn’t actually “walk”, but he does sit very well, and is highly adept at playing with the noisy buttons and knobs. And with Dad-powered propulsion, why would he even need to walk?

BTW: Those things on his legs are called “baby legs”, and it makes it easier for them to crawl on the floor. I imagine bare knees on tile can be a bit difficult for a baby, so I tolerate the baby legs.

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Yesterday, Cindy joined her “mom’s group” for a couple hours of fun-in-the-sun at a local park. The boys had a blast on the swings!

Alam SwingsAlex Swings

…and when they came home, they napped. Not for long, mind you, but they did nap. 😉

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Pretty soon they’ll be climbing over the rail…

Alex and Adam in the crib

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Today, Cindy and the boys visited Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway…

Marby Mill

Evidently, Great-Grandpa had stroller duty…

Great-Grandpa on stroller duty

Look at this bug; we can eat that, right?

Alex and Adam in the field

Mommy and her boys…

Mommy and her boys

Ready for a ride in the wagon, only there’s no horse to pull it (Obviously, Alex doesn’t know that yet :-))

Alex and Adam in the wagon

It was a long day, and the boys are plum tuckered out…

Tuckered out

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