The boys absolutely love the Disney/Pixar movie, “Cars”…

They’ll sit and watch the entire movie; it’s the only thing they’ll sit still for for any length of time.

Watching Cars

Hey, NASCAR racing starts this week! Wonder what the boys will think of watching real-life “Cars”??

( One can only hope )

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  1. sue’s avatar

    I think it is great they like “Cars”. All my grandchildren love that movie and Nana does too. Can’t wait for “Cars 2”!


  2. sue’s avatar

    Did you watch the real cars today at Daytona? I was so excited when our Woods Brothers “21” won. It has been a long time.


    1. JOS’s avatar

      Yes! I watched the race; the boys actually watched a little bit of it, too. I was thrilled to see the Wood Bros. win. It was a great race, and their new driver, T-Payne, did a great job!



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