The Baseball Glove

Adam loves baseball. He is always wearing that glove. He sleeps with that glove. What do you think he’s watching? You guessed it! Thank goodness for MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV!!

Baseball Glove

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  1. Adrienne’s avatar

    Brock sits and watches sports on TV too, lol. It’s so funny. I always think…aren’t you a little young to be starting all that sports watching!? Justin and Brock are going to see WWE Live in Milwaukee on Oct. 22nd. Allie and I were like…we’ll skip that, lol. Nice to see new posts from you 🙂


    1. forwardmemory’s avatar

      Hi Adrienne: Thanks! Trying to catch-up. The boys watched WWE for the first time the other night…LOVED IT! Of course, then they started wrestling in front of the TV. 🙂



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