A Visit to Santa

Last night we took the boys to the Avenues Mall to visit Santa. Now one could certainly argue the sanity in attempting this 2-days before Christmas, but being the parents of twins, sanity is relative.

As expected, the line was pretty long and I held our place, while Cindy took the boys and did a little shopping. The wait was about an hour and the family returned just before it was our turn with the “Jolly Old Elf.”

Like some people have a fear of clowns, Alex in past years was absolutely terrified of Santa Claus! We didn’t know quite what to expect this year, but are always ready for ANYTHING. Alex was a little skittish at first, but with a little assistance from Daddy, could endure being next to this strange bearded fellow. That was all it took! Alex was good-to-go after that! They boys told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and asked if he saw “Chippy” every day (Chippy is their Elf on the Shelf).

It was well worth the wait!

Santa, Daddy, and the Boys Santa and the Boys
Santa and Adam Santa and Alex

Ya know, I guess when you think about it, this guy is a little creepy! 🙂

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