February 2019

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The only time Charlie will sit or lie down at the top of the stairs is when someone is climbing them. Otherwise, he never sits or lies down in this spot. Whenever anyone climbs the stairs and he’s there waiting, they’ll always stop to give him a pet or a scratch. Which, of course, is the reason he selects this location at this particular time.

Stairway Dog

The boys have always been close and even though they fight with each other (like most brothers), they still stick pretty close together.


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Alex hasn’t been able to keep anything down for almost two days. Every time he takes anything in, even Gatoraid, he’s soon running to the bathroom to, well you know. I’m sure it’s because the Patriots won the superbowl!

Anyway, he’s wasn’t getting any better, so Mom took him to the ER and they gave him an IV to push some fluids. The doctor said it wasn’t the Patriots win, but just the stomach flu.

Pushing Fluids

Alex thought the whole experience was pretty cool, and he likes to tell the story.

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! MY LA Rams versus the (BOOOOOO!) NE Patriots! I always let the boys stay up to watch the game and normally they do pretty good, but not tonight. It’s the start of the 4th quarter and they’re out! (of course, I’m not sure if they’re tired or the first 3 quarters were so incredibly boring they just couldn’t take it anymore…

Alex is Out! Adam is Out!

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