May 2011

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It’s been raining incessantly for what seems like weeks. This afternoon, the skies cleared and a rainbow appeared above the trees in the backyard. Maybe…just maybe…this is an indication that the discouraging downfalls are coming to an end…


Otherwise, I’m gonna have to start collecting animals and constructing an ark…

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Today was picture day at school. Dressed in their little sweater vests, the boys are off to make some school-day memories. Naturally, Adam was all about it, but Alex didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Needless to say, another year has passed sans a school picture of Alex.

So, although we don’t have a school picture of Alex, here’s a “school day” picture. Alex is always better in “decisive moment” shots anyway…

Alex in the meadow

…mainly because he doesn’t know about them!

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The boys discuss their next move while breaking from their exhaustive outdoor activities to refresh their batteries…


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The boys dressed and headed for school. Adam is the more social of the two and is anxious to get started…

Adam at school Adam at school

Alex is more interested in the things around him at any given moment and delays entrance as long as humanly possible…

Alec plays hookey

Of course, one can only be so “bad” riding a Cars 4-Wheeler. You’d think Mater would be a more appropriate 4-Wheeler, but I digress.

Adam and Alex 4-Wheeling

Alex 4-Wheeling

Adam 4-Wheeling

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