December 2010

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This evening, Cindy and Nana took the boys to the mall to see Santa. What appeared to be a very promising visit with Saint Nick, soon disintegrated into a baby meltdown as Alex wanted nothing to do with the “jolly old elf.” Santa saved the day, though, by inviting Mommy and Nana to sit on his lap with the boys…

Seeing Santa

Of course, Alex wasn’t too keen on Santa’s solution!

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Happy Birthday, Alex and Adam! It’s a wonder, after Adam’s misadventures, especially, that you made it to this day! It’s an even greater wonder that mom and dad made it! Whew! What a couple of years it’s been! Nana and Pa were visiting, which made the day even more special!

To celebrate, we made some iron-ons for the onesies they’d wear on their special day!

Monkey See Monkey Do

They seemed to like ’em…

Alex Birthday Shirt Alex Birthday Shirt

And what birthday is complete without big helium-filled balloons and a personal cake, or rather a cake of cupcakes x 2!

Birthday Balloons Twin

Adam really enjoyed his birthday cake; Alex, uh, not so much…

Eating Birthday Cake

But the best part of the birthday is definitely the presents. Especially, when the bag is almost as big as you are!

eating Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Boys!

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Today is the Twin’s birthday. Adam began his celebration early by cracking open his melon and taking a trip to the emergency room. Not surprisingly, he took four stitches in his head…

Adam cracks his head

not that it seemed to bother him too much: He actually slept through the procedure!

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This evening, Cindy and I had a long awaited date night. We now have a couple of very good babysitters for the boys, and will be able to have nights like this more often. Tonight it was dinner and a movie. We had dinner at a restaurant called “Melt” in Center Valley, PA. This restaurant (according to its website)…

“puts a modern twist on traditional Italian cuisine. A visually stunning design provides a dramatic setting for a wide variety of creatively prepared salads, pizzas, pastas & grilled entrees. The extensive menu is complemented by a 200 bottle wine list featuring vintages from California, Italy & France.”

Melt When we arrived at the restaurant, I spied a friend from work. He was there with his wife and a friend for drinks on their way to a dinner in “Old Bethlehem.” We enjoyed some conversation while waiting for a table (and then some). Once seated, we nibbled on fresh bread and olive oil, then enjoyed some crab cakes and proscutto with fresh fruit appetizers. For dinner, I ordered the lamb chops and it was spaghetti carbonnara for Cindy. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have any mint jelly for the lamb chops, but alas, you can’t have everything. I enjoyed Peroni beer with the evening, while Cindy had a Blue Moon with the appetizers, then a some girly martini with the meal. For desert we shared tiramisu. The food and drink was very good, if not a little pricey.

After dinner we went to a movie: “Love and Other Drugs” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. It was a slightly different take on a love story, but I don’t want to give it away. The drug in the final analysis, I suppose, is love.

Love and Other Drugs

We had a great time, although Cindy came home with a sore throat…the beginnings of a short bout with the flu!

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