October 2009

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…Little Brother.

Adam just loves his big sister, Jessica. We have pictures of Jess on the wall in the hallway outside his room, and he likes to stop and look at them. Of course, I think he likes the real thing even more!! 🙂

Adam and Jess

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On September 25, I packed up a 6′ x 12′ U-Haul, and left behind my lovely wife and wonderful little boys to begin our move to Pennsylvania. I accepted a position with a hospital there and stated work on September 28. I spent the week in meetings, and in my spare time looked for a new home for the family. Cindy and I figured we’d rent something for a year while we get to know the area, and then look to buying. After passing on some disappointing houses, I happened upon this lovely townhouse. It actually has more square footage than the house we live in now, and is in a great neighborhood.

New House

So, today, I pulled the stuff out of the storage unit I had rented the day I arrived, packed-up another 6′ x 12′ U-Haul trailer, and moved into the townhouse. I basically packed one complete bedroom, my clothes, and some kitchen supplies, so that should I find a place, I could move in and save on the hotel bill.

Truck with U-Haul

Cindy and the boys will be joining me next month. I’ll be returning to Mississippi the first week in November to pack-up the house, and make a second trip to PA–only this time, I won’t be alone, and my house will soon be a home.

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